Welcome To Team 4 Design

Professional team of passionate web designers ready to build your next generation website with latest web standards!

What we do

Team 4 Design is web design company with team of server administrators and web developers who create all kind of custom websites.


Our main area of expertise is web development and design. We love making cool stuff on the web, and mainly we work with WordPress CMS and Laravel framework. We are experienced in customizing and development WordPress driven websites.

As administrators of servers, we have built and implemented various Web server dedicated to audio streaming, video, game platform and websites. We work exclusively with Linux operating system and servers.

WordPress Design

Our websites are developed with the WordPress Content Management System (C.M.S) to create dynamic websites, have customized environement and provide graphical consistency to the entire site.

PHP Coding

PHP encoding is a free programming language, wich we mainly use to produce dynamic web pages via an http server.

Web Apps with Laravel

Laravel is an expressive and elegant web application framework. It allows us a pleasant and creative development.

Web Design

We create the design of our websites according to the ideas and projects of our clients.

E-Commerce Solutions

We create, innovate and adapt the lastest trends to create an E-commerce site that is tailored to your needs.

Responsive Designs

Our sites offer an optional reading and navigation experience for the user, regardless of their range of devices (mobile phones, tablets, readers, desktop monitors.


We create and convert artworks in PSD (Photoshop) format to HTML (web page)

Graphic Design

We specialize in the design and relization of websites, we offer our clients a graphic design adapted to their project (3D, Sculpture & photo, Kawaii Style, Flat design, Digital art, Painting and traditional drawing).

Our Mission

To make you known on the net by putting our experience and skills at the service of your project.


We are a professional team of passionate web designers ready to build your next generation website with the latest web trends!

It has long been established that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

We create and develop dynamic, modern and dynamic designs that reflect your image. Your website will be “responsive” (adapted to smartphones and tablets), secure, and can be enhanced with multiple features: online sales, multilingual interface, special forms, agenda, blog, photo galleries…

In addition, we offer specialized solutions to companies through the redesign or creation of their website, their professional blog or the realization of their e-commerce solution. The creation of your site is accompanied by a service in optimization for referencing and training in SEO and site management.